Japanese Hakama Bokuto Deluxe Black for Aikido Kendo Iaido

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Hakama Bokuto Deluxe - hakama of high quality with traditional Japanese design. Hakama is made of blended fabric (65% polyester / 35% cotton). Thanks to the cotton content, ventilation is better provided. Hakama pockets are reinforced by a break - the overlays at the bottom of the pocket. The triangular lining adheres to the pockets in front along the length of the pockets, giving and retaining an additional form to hakama. The belt is reinforced and stitched with a lot of stitches. All seven folds of the hakama are sewn, allowing you to always stay flat and keep fit, and it's very convenient to smooth them off after washing. Inside the hakama are hooks for hanging. On the back there is a plastic label (hera) that allows you to always support the back of the hakama (koshi ita). The back of the hakama is made of elastic, durable rubber that does not break and comfortably bends.

Material: 65% polyester / 35% cotton
Density of the fabric: 240 g / m2
Color: black

Key features:
- blended "breathable" fabric;
- folds of the hakama are sewn that keep her shape;
- heavy belt with a lot of stitches;
- the hera (plastic label) to support the back;
- hanging loops;
- elastic foldable rubber back;
- regular lining on the pockets in front;
- sheets on pockets from breaks.
- high quality, traditional Japanese design and sewing.

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