Ninjato Sword Wooden Bokken 103 cm (40.5") with tsuba, saya and tsukamaki - European Hornbeam

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The Ninjato (ninjaken or shinobigatana) is one of the famous blades used by the Shinobi in feudal Japan. The blade has a very light curvature. The elongated handle of the sword allows to hold it firmly. Classic square tsuba and tsukamaki leatherette, plastic saya. Bokken is processed with natural oil, which protects it from moisture and dirt.

Full Length: 103 cm (40.5")
Blade length: 66 cm (26")
Tsuka length: 37 cm (14.5")
Bokken curvature 1.5 cm (0.6")
Material: European Hornbeam
Weight: ~ 600-650 g

Set include: bokken, wooden square tsuba, tsukamaki leatherette, plastic saya, sageo.

European Hornbeam is a fine wood, with a beautiful creamy color. It's one of the woods called “ironwood". It's hard, takes sheering forces well, and is almost exemplary for practice weapons.

*Stand not included.
** The black bokken is treated with a special black impregnation and oil.

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