Sword Katana Bokken Stand Holder - Natural Wood Walnut - 3 layer

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Stand made of natural wood , treated with special oil for wood, which protects the tree from moisture and gives an excellent appearance. Can have a light or dark shade. On the stand it will perfectly lie like a wooden weapon - bokken, jo, wakizashi, and a real katana or iaito. It fits perfectly into any interior of a room or hall (dojo). The stand consists of three parts, it is easily disassembled and transported. Required attribute for storing and placing weapons.

Material: natural wood - walnut.
Size: length 37 cm x height 30 cm x width 7 cm, thickness 1.8-2 cm, distance between sections - 26 cm.
Weight: 440 grams

Walnut wood has a contrasting grain structure and each product comes with a variety of beautiful patterns. Due to this, the structure of the fibers and the shade of the product may differ from the photo of the sample of the product.

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