The carry case for aikido weapons - bag for Bokken Jo Tanto 145 cm (57")

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The carry case for weapons with a pocket for tanto. Freely accommodates a set of weapons - jo, bokken, tanto. Tanto fits into a special pocket (pocket length 35-40 cm), pocket drawstring top with a rubber band. Dense, wear-resistant and waterproof Oxford cloth used as the material for the cover belt shoulder straps with controller, strings. Bottom case dual hard tissue, which consequently increases the lifetime of the product. In the center of the case a beautiful emblem in Oriental style with the words "Aikido". If your bokken with tsuba and you do not want to remove it, you can select "extended" case, which is wider than the standard and holds a bokuto with accessories.

Length: case - 145 cm (57"), pocket 35-40 cm (14"-16")

Width: standart 10 cm (4"), extended 15 cm (6") (for bokken with tsuba).

Material: Oxford 420 PVC fabric, the density fabric 330 g/m2

Color: black, navy blue, gray, haki.

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