Wooden bokken Daito 102 cm (40.1") with patterned rubber tsuba and dome, plastic saya for Iaido - Walnut

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This daito bokken is a truly piece of art. The bokken with sheath (saya) is used for training and rituals in iaido and ken-jutsu as well as mastering techniques in aikido. An ideal gift for any connoisseur of oriental martial arts. Bokken is treated with a special oil that protects it from moisture and dirt. Patterned rubber combined tsuba and dome perfect for use with a plastic saya, the lip of the tsuba acts like a habaki on a real sword, providing a grip interaction between bokken and scabbard.

The blade of the sword has faces and a standard deflection. The tip of the sword is made in the classical form.

Length: 102 cm (40.1")
Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: Walnut
Weight: apx. 500 g
Set include: walnut bokken, plastic saya and patterned tsuba&dome and sageo.

Walnut wood has a good contrasting structure on the surface. The wood belongs to the soft species of trees, therefore, swords made of walnut wood are not very suitable for strong sparring. But they can be used in light sparring, kata, single exercises, Iaido training, Aikido, etc.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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