Wooden bokken Daito 102 cm (40.1") with tsuba, plastic saya and tsukamaki - for Aikido and Iaido - European Ash

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The bokken with sheath (saya) is used for training and rituals in iaido and ken-jutsu as well as mastering techniques in aikido. An Ito-wrapped handle with tsuba makes you feel like it's a real daito sword. The blade of the sword has faces and a standard deflection. The tip of the sword is made in the classical form.

The set includes: bokken Daito, plastic saya, sageo, tsukamaki, wooden tsuba.

Length: 102 cm (40.1")
Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: European Ash
Weight: ~ 450-500 g
Deflection: 1.7-2 cm

European Ash has fairly good strength properties for its weight, and is also shock resistant. Its tensile strength and fold strength exceeds the strength of white oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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