Wooden tsuba (garda) for bokken - Natural Wood European Hornbeam

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Tsuba - a protective element for wooden bokken made of wood, designed to protect the hand from the opponent's hitting the blade. Made in the classical Japanese form in the form of a four-leaf petal. Can also be used with plastic saya. In some Japanese schools fencing tsuba is an integral part of the bokken. It is clamped in front with a rubber stopper.

Size: 8 cm x 8 cm (3.15"x3.15")
Inner size: 37 mm x 27 mm/1.06"x1.46"
Rubber stopper diameter: 25 mm/1''
Thickness: 10-12 mm/0.4-0.47''
Complete set: tsuba, rubber stopper.
Material:  European Hornbeam

Hornbeam wood  has a beautiful white-gray shade, similar to ivory, with virtually no distinct fibers, such as ash or white acacia. This wood is a valuable species with a very high density. For its properties, it is also called the "iron" tree. 

*The brown and black tsuba is treated with a special multilayer brown and black impregnation and oil.

**Not intended for direct strong impacts.

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