Wooden tsuba Kashima Shin Ryu

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Wooden tsuba Kashima Shin Ryu for a specialized bokken, which is usually used in the famous Japanese fencing school Kashima Shin Ryu. The wide, strong tsuba abuts the handle and is fixed in front by a clamp.

-9 cm diameter
-Hole height 35
- Width of inner hole 3 cm
- Thickness 2.5 cm

Complete set: tsuba, clamp of 1 piece.
Material: European Hornbeam

*The size of the inner diameter of the tsuba is selected for the bokken of our production (Bokuto trademark).

Hornbeam wood (European Hornbeam, Carpinus Betulus) has a beautiful white-gray shade, similar to ivory, with virtually no distinct fibers, such as ash or white acacia. This wood is a valuable species with a very high density. For its properties, it is also called the "iron" tree. 

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