Wooden bokken Daito Deluxe Dragon with patterned rubber tsuba and dome, plastic saya for Iaido - European Hornbeam

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This daito bokken is a truly piece of art. Bokken made of sturdy wood with hand-carved dragon on the handle. The bokken with sheath (saya) is used for training and rituals in iaido and ken-jutsu as well as mastering techniques in aikido. The magnificent carving blends harmoniously with the bokken shape and merges with it into one whole. The dragon symbol has always been revered in Japan. He repeatedly acts as the protector of the Buddhas and the magnanimous giver of happiness and wealth. In Japan, dragons were depicted on Buddhist temples and associated with the imperial family. This magnificent work of the master will give real pleasure to everyone who appreciates the art of martial arts. A great gift will decorate any interior. Patterned rubber combined tsuba and dome perfect for use with a plastic saya, the lip of the tsuba acts like a habaki on a real sword, providing a grip interaction between bokken and scabbard. The blade of the sword has faces and a standard deflection. The tip of the sword is made in the classical form.

The set includes: bokken Daito Deluxe Dragon, plastic saya, sageo, patterned rubber tsuba&dome.

Total length: 102 cm (40.1")
Handle length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: European Hornbeam
Weight: ~ apx 500 g
Deflection: 1.7-2 cm
Tsuka diameter: 3,6х2,5 cm

European Hornbeam is one of the woods called “ironwood". It's hard, takes sheering forces well, and is almost exemplary for practice weapons.Hornbeam wood has a beautiful white-gray shade, similar to ivory, with virtually no distinct fibers, such as ash or white acacia. This wood is a valuable species with a very high density.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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