Hanbo stick jodo aikido kobudo 100 cm (39.3") - Walnut

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Hanbo is a short stick that is used in various martial arts. There is a whole area that studies the techniques of fighting with a short stick - hanbo jutsu. The Hanbo (half stick) is used in many Japanese Koryu. The use of a short stick is also taught in ninjutsu schools. The hanbo is used for blocking, striking, sweeps, throws and chokes and is effective against an assailant with a knife, club or bare hands.

Size: length 100 cm (39.3") (diameter 24 mm-27mm)
Material: Walnut

Walnut wood has a contrasting grain structure and each product comes with a variety of beautiful patterns. Due to this, the structure of the fibers and the shade of the product may differ from the photo of the sample of the product.

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