Iwama Ryu Wooden Bokken 103 cm (40.6") for aikido - European Ash

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IWAMA RYU bokken is made in strict accordance with the requirements of the Iwama Ryu school. Heavy and powerful along the entire length of the bokken trains a dynamic grip. Well suited for performing aikido techniques, working off the center line, training the relaxation of the shoulders, strengthening the hands and joints. Performing movement with a bokken well trains the feeling of the center. The tip of the blade is safe square (Kissaki). Bokken has no faces. Ideal for the practice of Iwama Ryu Aikiken. Bokken is processed with natural oil, which protects it from moisture and dirt. Also there are variants of bokken with dark brown tinting.

Length: 103 cm (40.6")
Tsuka diameter: 36х25 mm (14"x10")
Deflection: 1.7-2 cm (0.7"-0.8")
Weight: ~ 500-550 g

European Ash has fairly good strength properties for its weight, and is also shock resistant. Its tensile strength and fold strength exceeds the strength of white oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The brown bokken is treated with a special multilayer brown and black impregnation and oil.

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