Japanese Samurai Aikido Iaido Tabi Black Shoes on ties for tatami

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Tabi for practicing Kendo, Iaido, Aikido, Ninjutsu. Comfortable shoes for the dojo in the traditional Japanese style of cotton material. The sole is made of genuine leather. It is easy to dress up and sit well on the leg, fixed and tightened strings. Excellent means of personal hygiene, beautiful design and complements the traditional forms - hakama. Tabi can be used on a smooth wooden floor or on a tatami mat..

Material: outside fabric - polyester 65% / cotton 35%, inner fabric - 100% cotton, sole - genuine leather

Color: Black 

Size: to select the correct size you need to measure the length of the foot.

*The outsole material can be made from several types of genuine leather and can be smooth or suede, the color of the fabric of the inner insole may differ from the photo.

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