Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken Wooden Sword 98 cm (38.6") - European Ash

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Bokken KATORI SHINTO RYU - bokken is made by a master in the form of swords used in the Japanese school of fencing Katori Ryu. Bokken has a length slightly shorter than the standard, the blade has a face, the handle is thin, comfortable in shape. Due to its technical characteristics, the boxen is easy to control, produce feints, good accuracy. The sword does not have a big bend. The tip of the sword is safe - square, executed in two planes (Kissaki).

Katori Shinto Ryu's style was one of the earliest styles of bujiutsu. In the school, pairs of kata exercises are practiced, which includes the exchange of movements between partners. Another characteristic of the school is its skills, which were used mainly on the battlefield, unlike other later schools, when martial arts skills were designed for self-defense. Skills on the battlefield meant that a person was supposed to be able to defend himself and own different types of weapons, so Katori Shinto Ryu practiced Kenjutsu, jyujutsu, naginat-jutsu, iajutsu, ju-jitsu and many others that took many years and a special training program.

Length: 98 cm (38.6")

Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: Fraxinus Excelsior (European Ash)
Weight: ~ 500 g

European Ash has fairly good strength properties for its weight, and is also shock resistant. Its tensile strength and fold strength exceeds the strength of white oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The brown bokken is treated with a special brown impregnation and oil.

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