Kodachi short Japanese sword bokken with tsuba and tsukamaki 54.5 cm (21,2") - European Ash

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Kodachi is a short Japanese sword. Such a bokken, due to its size, could be snatched out very quickly, as well as fenced. It could be applied where the movement was constrained (or when attacked shoulder to shoulder). Can be used in conjunction with another wakizashi, tanto or bokken. Good for fencing techniques with two swords. The tree is treated with a transparent oil-wax impregnation, which in turn protects the weapon from moisture. The form of bokken in classic Japanese style with a dedicated handle under the tsuba.

Length: 54.5 cm (21,2")
Tsuka length: 15.5 cm (6")
Weight: 250-300 g.
Deflection: 0.5-1cm
Tsuka diameter: 3.5х2.5 сm

European Ash - the wood of ordinary ash is very strong, solid and has a beautiful light color and texture. Ash wood is a valuable species and resembles oak, and in terms of impact strength, ability to hold fasteners and duration of resistance to deformation, it even surpasses it. With proper drying, the wood practically does not crack.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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