Suburito Miyamoto Musashi heavy boken 115 cm (45.3") 2.1-2.5 kg- Robinia Wood

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Suburito - heavy bokken, has a wide long blade, often in the form of an oar. Used in various schools of fencing as a simulator for better work with bokken. In addition, working with suburito strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Constant work with suburito facilitates work with bokken, makes your movements quick and easy. The tree is treated with oil. There is a choice of darkened suburito with brown impregnation and oil.

Overall length 115 cm (45.3")

Handle length 35 cm (13.78")

Weight: 2100 - 2500 grams

Material: Robinia wood (White Acacia)

Robinia wood (White Acacia) has high strength characteristics, wear resistance significantly exceeding that of oak and ash. The color of the tree is yellow or olive green, the fibers are straight and sharply noticeable. Acacia shows all its advantages as much as possible, because it can serve for many years, withstanding high loads, without being erased and without losing the original attractiveness of the texture.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The black suburito is treated with a special multilayer black impregnation and oil.

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