Wooden Jo staff for aikido jodo kobudo 128 cm (50.4") - European Hornbeam

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Jo - is a cylindrical straight wooden pole, length 128 cm, diameter 25-28 mm. The dimensions of jo depend on personal parameters and preferences. Joe is used as a weapon in many martial arts for kata training, paired with other jo and bokken. The jo can be used to strike, like a sword, like a naginata, with wide sweeping movements, like a spear, with stabbing pins. Both sides are used as a shock surface, unlike one side of the sword. Maai (combat distances) jo can vary depending on the grip that is applied. Thanks to such characteristics as speed and changeable maai - this is a formidable weapon in the hands of an experienced master.

Size: 128 cm (50.4") (diameter 24 mm, diameter 27 mm)
Material: European Hornbeam

European Hornbeam is one of the woods called “ironwood". It's hard, takes sheering forces well, and is almost exemplary for practice weapons.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The black and brown jo are treated with a special multilayer black/brown impregnation and oil, which gives it an excellent appearance and provides extra protection against moisture.

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