Bokken Daito 102 cm (40.1") with saya, sageo, tsukamaki, patterned rubber tsuba - European Ash

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The bokken with sheath (saya) is used for training and rituals in iaido and ken-jutsu as well as mastering techniques in aikido. An ideal gift for any connoisseur of oriental martial arts. Bokken is treated with a special oil that protects it from moisture and dirt. Patterned rubber combined tsuba and dome perfect for use with a plastic saya, the lip of the tsuba acts like a habaki on a real sword, providing a grip interaction between bokken and scabbard. The blade of the sword has faces and a standard deflection. The tip of the sword is made in the classical form.

The set includes: bokken Daito, saya, sageo, tsukamaki (synthetic leather), patterned tsuba&dome.

Length: 102 cm (40.1")

Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: European Ash
Weight: ~ 500-550 g
Deflection: 1.8-2 cm

Ash wood refers to medium hardness wood with good strength characteristics. Its tensile strength and fold strength exceeds the strength of oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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