Suburito Miyamoto Musashi heavy boken 115 cm (45.3") - Walnut

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Suburito - heavy bokken, has a wide long blade, often in the form of an oar. Used in various schools of fencing as a simulator for better work with bokken. In addition, working with suburito strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Constant work with suburito facilitates work with bokken, makes your movements quick and easy. The tree is treated with oil. There is a choice of darkened suburito with brown impregnation and oil.

Overall length 115 cm (45.3"),
Handle length 35 cm (13.78")
Weight: 1100 - 1300 grams
Material: Walnut

Walnut wood has a large and even texture, is moderately hard, durable and viscous. The wear resistance of walnut wood is high, as well as the degree of resistance to pulling out fastenings, which is not inferior to birch wood. The texture of the wood is interesting and varied due to well-visible, winding annual layers, large cut vessels and uneven coloring of the kernel. Walnut products have a very beautiful appearance.

Walnut material has a very contrasting structure and each product can differ in tone and pattern of wood, be lighter or darker from the photo in the description.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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