Suburito Miyamoto Musashi Heavy Bokken 115 cm (45.3") 1.9-2.4 kg - European Ash

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Suburito - heavy bokken, has a wide long oar shaped blade. Used in various fencing schools such as kendo, aikido, iaidō, and kenjutsu. Ideal for intense Suburi training and muscle strengthening. Regular practice with suburito improves work with bokken and makes your movements quick and easy.

Overall length 115 cm (45.3")

Handle length 35 cm (13.78")

Weight: 1900 - 2400 grams

Material: European Ash

European Ash - the wood of ordinary ash is very strong, solid and has a beautiful light color and texture. Ash wood is a valuable species and resembles oak, and in terms of impact strength, ability to hold fasteners and duration of resistance to deformation, it even surpasses it. With proper drying, the wood practically does not crack.

*Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The brown suburito is treated with a special multilayer brown impregnation and oil.

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