A set of wooden weapons for aikido - Bokken Daito 102 cm (40.1") with tsuba, jo 128 cm (50.4"), tanto - Robinia Wood

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A set of wooden weapons for aikido and other martial arts. The set consists of a classic bokken, jo and tanto. Weapon sizes are standard. Wooden weapons are treated with special oil, this impregnation protects the weapon well from dirt and moisture and gives it shine.

Length: bokken Daito 102 cm (40.1") with tsuba, jo 128 cm (50.4"), tanto 29 cm (11.4")
Material: Robinia wood (White Acacia)

Robinia wood (White Acacia) has high strength characteristics, wear resistance significantly exceeding that of oak and ash. The color of the tree is yellow or olive green, the fibers are straight and sharply noticeable. Acacia shows all its advantages as much as possible, because it can serve for many years, withstanding high loads, without being erased and without losing the original attractiveness of the texture. The optimum density of the robinia, whose moisture content is 12%, is measured from 750 kg / m3 to 800 kg / m3. At shock loads that exceed the maximum critical threshold for this tree, it can leave such damage as microcracks and cracks along the fibers, the dents from impacts are practically not noticeable

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The brown and black weapons is treated with a special multilayer brown and black impregnation and oil.

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