Carry case for 10-12 bokken/jo 115 cm (45") - 145 cm (57")

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Compact and roomy case of good quality for several weapons (capacity 10-12 bokken \ jo). At the top, the case is easily tightened with a lace and fixed with clamps. It is conveniently worn on the shoulder and is adjustable by the belt tension. Dense Oxford water-repellent fabric is used as a cover material. In the gym, dojo, at home it is very convenient to store several weapons in a case, as the weapon is always in one place, not lost, not confused separately, protected from moisture, convenient to transport, as no time is spent on smoothing, sorting and decomposition of inventory.

115 cm (45") x 25 cm (10").
145 cm (57") x 25 cm (10").

Material: Oxford 420 PVC, density 330 g \ m2

Color: Black

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