Wooden daito bokken with groove, tsuba and plastic saya- Japanese sword 102 cm (40.1") for Aikido and Iaido - Robinia Wood

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The bokken with sheath (saya) is used for training and rituals in iaido and ken-jutsu as well as mastering techniques in aikido. Form of handle with tsuba makes you feel like it's a real sword. The blade of the sword has faces and a standard deflection. The tip of the sword is made in the classical form. Bokken has a groove along the entire length, due to which the swing movements are obtained with a sound effect - a whistle.

Set include: bokken Daito with groove, wooden tsuba and plastic saya with sageo.

Length: 102 (40.1")
Tsuka length: 27 cm (10.6")
Material: Robinia wood (White Acacia)
Weight: ~ 500-550 g

Robinia wood (White Acacia) has high strength characteristics, wear resistance significantly exceeding that of oak and ash. The color of the tree is yellow or olive green, the fibers are straight and sharply noticeable. Acacia shows all its advantages as much as possible, because it can serve for many years, withstanding high loads, without being erased and without losing the original attractiveness of the texture.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.

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