Wooden Jo staff for aikido jodo kobudo 128 cm (50.4") - Robinia Wood

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Jo - is a cylindrical straight wooden pole, length 128 cm, diameter 25-28 mm. The dimensions of jo depend on personal parameters and preferences. Joe is used as a weapon in many martial arts for kata training, paired with other jo and bokken. The jo can be used to strike, like a sword, like a naginata, with wide sweeping movements, like a spear, with stabbing pins. Both sides are used as a shock surface, unlike one side of the sword. Maai (combat distances) jo can vary depending on the grip that is applied. Thanks to such characteristics as speed and changeable maai - this is a formidable weapon in the hands of an experienced master.

Size: 128 cm (50.4") (diameter 24 mm, diameter 27 mm)
Material: Robinia wood (White Acacia)

Robinia wood (White Acacia) has high strength characteristics, wear resistance significantly exceeding that of oak and ash. The color of the tree is yellow or olive green, the fibers are straight and sharply noticeable. Acacia shows all its advantages as much as possible, because it can serve for many years, withstanding high loads, without being erased and without losing the original attractiveness of the texture.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The black jo are treated with a special multilayer black impregnation and oil, which gives it an excellent appearance and provides extra protection against moisture.

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