Wooden Long Chinese two-handed wushu sword Miao Dao 150 cm (59") - Hornbeam wood

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Miao Dao's sword has long been used by fencing combat schools in China and has a history of development. The length of the sword ranged from 120 cm and more. Due to this size, there was an advantage in the distance on short swords, and one of the purposes of this sword was to defeat the horses of the attackers.

Length sword: 150 cm (59")
Length of the handle: 50 cm (19.7")
Blade length - 100 cm (39.3")
Weight - apx. 800-900 g
Material: Hornbeam
Set include bokken and tsuba.

Hornbeam wood (European Hornbeam, Carpinus Betulus) it has a beautiful white-gray shade, similar to the color of ivory, with almost no pronounced fibers, such as ash or white acacia. This wood belongs to the valuable species with a very high density. For its properties, it is also called "iron" wood.

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