Wooden bokken - Japanese sword - Bokuto 90 cm (35.5") - Aikido and Kendo - European Ash

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Bokken BOKUTO 90 - short bokken, length 90 cm, is well suited for teenagers and training at home (in a limited space). Due to the fact that in adolescents, children, the growth and length of arms is shorter than that of an adult, they need a shorter bokken in order to fully and correctly perform all technical operations with a sword. Bokken can also be tinted in brown or black.

Length: 90 cm (35.5")

Tsuka length: 25 cm (9.8")
Material: Fraxinus Excelsior (European Ash)
Weight: ~ 400-450 g
Deflection: 1.5 cm-1.7 cm

European Ash has fairly good strength properties for its weight, and is also shock resistant. Its tensile strength and fold strength exceeds the strength of white oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous.

* Weapon Stand/Holder is not included.
** The brown bokken is treated with a special multilayer brown impregnation and oil.

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